Welcome to the website of Olivia Salamouni

Welcome to the website
of Olivia Salamouni

 My 1st book “The Flying Bed” was published on the 31st August 2023…

…2nd book “The Magic Cloud” to be published on 18th April 2024.

The Flying Bed
Written by Olivia Salamouni

The Flying Bed

Join Abbey on her Flying Bed adventure that magically takes her all the way from her bedroom in London, to the beauty of a savannah in Africa, meeting some amazing animals and people.


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The Flying Bed

The Flying Bed by Olivia Salamouni

“Abbey knew that the only person who would believe that it was magic, and not just a dream, was the old lady she met at the Christmas winter funfair …”

The Flying Bed

My name is Olivia, I am seven years old and I live in London. I love reading, writing stories and drawing. I believe in magic.

My daddy lives and works in Ghana. This book has been inspired by his stories of travels around the African continent.

All the royalties from the sales of this book will go to KGL Foundation, which focuses on empowering people most in need of support in Ghana.

KGL Foundation helps young people to start their own businesses, provides funds to train young girls from slum communities in computer coding, creates football tournaments for young kids across Ghana, finances health screenings in rural communities as well as supports local young artists.

Excerpts from the Book:

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What Readers have to say

"Prepare to be enchanted by 'The Flying Bed,' authored by the talented seven-year-old Olivia Salamouni. This book is a delightful journey of self-discovery, friendship, and wonder as Abbey embarks on her extraordinary adventure. The vivid descriptions of African savannah and its inhabitants will leave readers of all ages dreaming of far-off lands. A delightful debut from a promising young author."

Emily R.

"Olivia Salamouni's 'The Flying Bed' is a testament to the boundless creativity of young minds. Abbey's whimsical adventure will transport readers to the enchanting landscapes of Africa, where they'll encounter a menagerie of captivating animals. A truly charming and well-written tale that reminds us of the magic hidden in everyday objects."

Ryan J.

Olivia Salamouni

My name is Olivia, I am seven years old and I live in London. I love reading, writing stories and drawing. 

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